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The Huffington Post just published an article that details Ancient Healing Techniques that can help with stress.
When it comes to an Eastern approach to healing, the focus is on addressing the mind/body connection; this is done by balancing the energetic body.
The healing techniques outlined in the article can have profound effects, even if you feel as though ‘nothing happened.’
In my Reiki practice, I always share with potential clients that the most common experience  from an initial treatment is a sense of calm and relaxation, and that the effects deepen with subsequent treatments. Due to the nature of energy work, shifts can be subtle. A clients recent experience illustrates this perfectly. This particular client came in for several treatments and she was always able to deeply relax during the treatments. As soon as she went back to the ‘daily grind’ of life, work and responsibilities, she stated that she felt like the Reiki wasn’t working. One of the reasons she came for Reiki is because she was experiencing a lot of neck pain. At her first appointment, her pain was an 8 out of 10. When I asked her about her neck pain, it was now a 3 out of 10. She had somehow not noticed that the pain had lessened. It’s like when you are sick; once you feel better, you forget what it was like to not feel well.
Other Eastern techniques have a cummulative effect as well. If you have ever taken a yoga class, you know that one class will not be remarkable. It is the same with many healing techniques. The frequency of a Reiki treatment (and this is true for Acupuncture as well) is usually dependent upon the ailment. If it is acute, twice a month may work. An example may be that you have a deadline at work, and you’re finding that you need some extra support to get you through the stressful period.
If you are dealing with a chronic issue, weekly is recommended.  Stress builds up, and if you have poor coping mechanisms or simply don’t know how to relax, it can show up in your body. Typical places that most people hold their stress are the neck, shoulders and low back. This means that  you may experience chronic stress quite literally as a ‘pain in your neck’ that won’t go away.
It is part of our culture to want quick fixes. It is important to remember that the chronic stress you may be experiencing did not ‘just happen’ overnight and until you can get to the underlying root cause, it will not simply disappear overnight either.
As a culture, we like the “quick fix.” This is why modern western medicine is so prevalent. Stressed? Take a pill. Never mind that the pill is just a band-aid and will not cure what really ails you if you want to heal holistically – mind and body.
It takes a commitment on your part to work through the issues in a way that best supports you. I’d love to hear from you. What do you do to help reduce stress?
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