I have suffered with body image issues. I’m not sure if this applies to every woman out there; however, there is so much marketing and advertising that defines what beauty is, sometimes I still find myself getting sucked into that vortex of unattainable and unhealthy proportions that are constantly in the media. The way women are portrayed, I feel like we’re not allowed to just feel good about ourselves- we have to somehow measure up to someone else’s vision of beauty based on what will sell. Or perhaps our body image issues stem from our family of origin; maybe a family member was hung up on keeping tabs on our figure and made us feel bad about ourselves anytime we gained some weight or ate something that was ‘fattening’. Positive body image can be an uphill battle. One nice thing that has happened as I have gotten older is that I have finally  learned to accept the body I have, flaws and all.  Mind you, I still have my moments when I feel fat or wish that my thighs were slimmer and my ass wasn’t heading south, but I definitely feel more comfortable in my skin. Instead of obsessing about my weight or my body like I used to in the past, I nourish myself with exercise, whole food nutrition, and positive self talk. This approach has helped me mentally and physically feel good about myself. No longer do I find it necessary to starve myself or forgo dessert at social events.

I’d love to know how you manage if you have ever had body image issues (or still struggle today.) How do you nourish yourself? I came across this video and I hope it will inspire you as it did me.

This is for every woman who thinks they are ‘heavier’ than they should be.  

Burlesque dancer Amanda Trusty transformed Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ into a body positive anthem. (Be aware that there is NO nudity; however at the end there is strategically placed body art.)

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