whole grain bread

If bread is on your grocery list, it is important to look for bread that has whole grains. The reason for this is because white flour and milled wheat flour are refined grains – meaning that the fiber and key nutrients have been processed and then added back in, causing spikes in blood sugar. Eating a slice of processed bread can be the equivalent of eating a candy bar.

According to a recent story on NPR, experts say it’s certainly better to opt for any kind of whole grain loaf over white bread. But if bread lovers want to put the brakes on the rise and fall in blood sugar, perhaps the best options are loaves that contain chunks of grain still intact — like bits of wheat kernel, rye or millet.

Often, when it comes to processing foods, “less is more.”  Artisanal bakers like Dan Gottfredson, who operates Great Harvest Bread Co. bakery in Rockville, Md., is well aware of the trend toward more whole foods. And, he says, bread fits into this trend.

Always read the labels. A typical sliced loaf of  bread labeled “healthy” or “whole grain”  is usually far from that. You’re likely to find such ingredients as high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, dough conditioners (including ethoxylated mono and diglycerides — whatever those are!), calcium propionate (a preservative) and soy lecithin, to name a few.

Eating less refined foods actually will keep you full longer and increase your energy levels without that sugar crash. If you would like more information about adding whole foods to your diet for your health, weight loss and wellbeing, Coaching for Healthy Living  is here for you! Please visit www.Coach4HealthyLiving.com to get your free eBook, “The Diet AlteRNative.”

Janine Gilarde, RN has over 10 years of experience in holistic and traditional approaches to health and wellness. She is a Licensed Registered Nurse, Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Certified Reiki Master Teacher trained in Buddho- Enersense, a complete system of healing. She is committed to helping others using a holistic approach for weight loss, stress reduction and overall well-being.


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