This story was posted on CNN. It is about a woman who was able to lose a lot of weight with lifestyle changes – without resorting to a diet. I’m sharing it with you so that you know it is possible!

Teena Henson was 5-foot-4 and 332 pounds. She knew that her poor diet and inactivity were not the path to a long, healthy life. She didn’t suffer from any serious health problems, but her parents and three brothers were all diabetic so she knew the potential consequences.

In the past, Henson would put herself on diets to make everyone happy, but they wouldn’t last long.

The diets were very restrictive, from eating nothing but grapefruits to nothing but carbs, until she realized that “diets” just weren’t for her. She refers to a ‘diet’ as a four letter word for failure.

What she was looking for was a lifestyle change. And not because her friends and family wanted it for her, but because she wanted it for herself. (This is why I am always emphasizing that you have to find what motivates you to make changes!)

She joined a gym and started exercising; but what she struggled with most was changing her eating habits. She started with small changes by cutting out soda, and she dropped 18 pounds in the first month!

After cutting out soda, she started making healthier food choices. Over the course of a year, she made even more changes to her diet – She started to eat more whole foods, including quinoa, whole wheat bread and fresh vegetables.

She was never big on vegetables, but she eventually found new ways to include them in her diet, including roasting them. She cooks in bulk on the weekends, freezing meals in individual containers for during the week. (Huge timesaver, right??)

In less than three years, Henson has lost 166 pounds, or 50 percent of her body weight.

Source: CNN

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