How to choose a health & wellness coachHow to Choose a Health & Wellness Coach

Health and Wellness coaching is still a fairly new field, and because of this, it is also a highly unregulated field. Virtually anyone can put out a shingle and call themselves a health coach.

Just because someone changed their life by changing their diet does not qualify them to coach you professionally.


Let’s say your neighbor lost weight through diet and exercise and they were really excited to share with you how they did it,  would you pay them to put together an exercise routine that worked for them, but may not work for you?

Most likely, you would prefer to use a professional who is certified as a personal trainer. Someone who has learned about anatomy and physiology and can put together a program based on your range of motion, limitations and goals.

The same goes for health and wellness coaches. You want someone that can coach you around your own unique needs and goals. You will not hear a professional coach saying that you should try something because it worked for them. That is not what coaching is about.

In the health and wellness coaching program that I received my certification through, we were not trained in more than one hundred dietary theories, nor were we trained to prescribe exercise routines.

Instead, we learned the science behind behavior change.

I met the program requirements because I was a professional Registered Nurse, therefore, if someone wanted evidence based advice on nutrition or chronic disease management, for example, I already had the necessary skills and training.

It’s the wild west out there, so make sure you do your due diligence when hiring a health and wellness coach.

Here are just some of the things that I came across on health and wellness coaching websites. Most of these “coaches” are using supplements ( multi-level marketing, which will be referred to as ‘MLM’) and not one of them held a certification…


  • On an ‘About me’ page: Lost 20 pounds using (MLM supplement)  in just 4 weeks!


  • Amy (name changed)  joined XYZ Weight Loss and Wellness as our primary weight loss coach. She has been helping people achieve their weight loss goals through the application of the (MLM brand) Protein protocol for over four years now. Amy was inspired to pursue a career in weight loss and nutrition after successfully losing 63 inches and 65 pounds of excess body fat while on (MLM brand) Protein.


  • Amy’s (name changed) focus is on her business as a health and wellness coach.   She provides nutrition education by bringing clients through a program that utilizes whole food supplements. (On a website selling a multi level marketing product).

These are just a few examples of  some of the claims you may see when searching for a health and wellness coach.

My message to you when looking to hire a health and wellness coach: Buyer beware! 


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Coaching for Healthy Living- helping to transform lives by focusing on the whole person.

Janine Gilarde is a  Certified Health and Wellness Coach,Certified Reiki Teacher, and Licensed Registered Nurse with over 10 years of experience in holistic and traditional approaches to health and wellness.  She understands that stress has many negative effects on the body and she loves to practice Reiki to guide and heal body, mind and spirit. 

Janine is committed to  providing support to others so that they can manage their weight, increase their energy, and reduce their stress for improved health, well-being and healing. 

To learn more, please visit  Coach4HealthyLiving.com 

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