Are Your Emotions Making You Fat?

You know what you need to do lose weight and improve your health and you make good decisions all day at work; but it’s after the work day has ended that you find your decisions aren’t the best.

Are you frustrated and wondering why you let it fall apart the minute you walk through the door?

I find that many people are emotional eaters, and it doesn’t take much to trigger an emotion. In my experience, a lot of people react to their emotions by distracting themselves with food. The first step is to determine what emotion you are feeling, and strategize on how to change your reaction. For example, if stress is building up on your way home because of the never ending “To Do” list… You have to prepare supper, then you need to drive the kids to sports practice, then there’s the kitchen that needs to be cleaned up… it is understandable that this could cause some stress.

I love to help my clients strategize around things just like this. One way to do this is to brainstorm about some ways to decrease the stress of that never ending “To Do” list.

One suggestion that would help take some of the burden off of having to prepare supper every night is to plan ahead of time. To try this, you could prep some meals over the weekend, so all you have to do is reheat when you get home. You could also buy items that will help make meal time easier, like sliced veggies, microwaveable organic brown rice and a crock pot. This will help free up your time.

I find that if there are unhealthy choices in the house, those are going to be the first things you gravitate towards. Instead, have those healthier choices on hand and at eye level. Maybe a veggie platter coupled with cheese or hummus at eye level in the fridge, or a bowl of fruit on the counter. This will help you get into the habit of grabbing healthy alternatives, instead of going for the quick, unhealthy choices.

If you find that you walk through the door starving every night, take a closer look at how often and what you are eating during the day. If you make healthier choices throughout the day and eat on a regular schedule, this will help your blood sugar remain balanced. It’s much easier to make better choices if you’re not ravenous!

Do you have any tips that help you make better choices at the end of a long workday? I’d love for you to post them below!

And if you need some help coming up with some strategies so that you can change your eating habits and keep the weight off, sign up for your 30 minute strategy session today!

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