Stress is part of our every day life. We are obsessed with social media, bombarded with constant news updates, and overwhelmed by work and our never ending to-do lists. Having constant daily stressors affect your health: Insomnia, headaches, hives, IBS, high blood pressure, anxiety and chronic pain are just some of the conditions that can be caused by or exacerbated by stress.

And all of that stress affects your mood, making it more difficult to stay positive.

So what can we do for ourselves to achieve a sense of balance and reduce stress? There are many practices that can help. Some are passive practices like massage, where you go to someone to have them knead your muscles while you lay on a massage table. Other practices require that you be more participatory, like breath work, yoga, and Tai Chi. One practice that is both passive and participatory is Reiki. This is because you can receive a Reiki treatment from a practitioner (passive) and learn to practice on yourself (participatory).

Wondering about Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) is a Japanese healing technique that can be administered by light touch or hands above the body to a fully clothed recipient. Most treatments are given on a massage table; however treatments can be given while seated in a chair or even in a hospital bed. Reiki is safe and supports any medical treatment. Reiki has no medical contraindications, and for that reason it is found in many hospitals. There is strong anecdotal evidence that Reiki treatments help people feel calmer, more relaxed, and have less pain.

Reiki is also a spiritual practice. Practicing self-Reiki, as well as the contemplation techniques taught in a class, teaches students techniques that help them let go of anger and worry, bringing balance to mind, body and spirit. When we take the time to care for ourselves, we are more available to care for others.

When recipients receive a session, the common feedback I hear is that they enjoy the warmth of Reiki touch and find treatments soothing and comforting. Benefits can be experienced in one session, but Reiki treatments have a cumulative effect, so additional benefits are noticed over time. Common ‘side effects’ of Reiki include sounder sleep, the ability to achieve calm despite the daily stressors of life and  less pain and/or pain medication..

Anyone can learn to practice Reiki for personal care, to help friends and family and even pets. I provide Reiki training classes throughout the year. Feel free to contact me if you would like to take a class, I’d love to be part of your healing journey!

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