Like many nurses, I started my career working in a hospital. I worked 12 hour shifts on a busy telemetry floor and the job was not only physically and mentally demanding, but I was mentally and physically exhausted at the end of my shift.

According to a recent survey, this is pervasive.  The vast majority (93%) of registered nurses (RNs) working in hospitals state that fatigue is a problem

More than 4 of 5 (85%) nurses said their work causes them to suffer from fatigue.
A substantial number of nurses (44%) worry that their patient care will suffer as a result of fatigue; 37% worry about making a mistake; and 11% said they have made a mistake at work because they were so tired. More than a quarter of nurses (28%) have called in sick to catch up on sleep.

Some of the causes of fatigue among RNs are excessive workloads (60%) and not being able to get enough sleep between shifts (25%). 

Although happy overall in their career, 63% said their work has caused job burnout, and 41% have considered changing hospitals in the past year because they have felt burned out.

Four of five nurses said they find it hard to balance mind, body, and spirit, and 90% of nurses said they have given thought to leaving the hospital they work in to find a different type of job with better work/life balance.

According to the Medscape article, a fatigued employee at risk of burnout is not an engaged employee. Combating fatigue can be achieved by giving nurses … access to health and wellness programs. These benefits will ultimately help nurses, patients, and hospitals and health systems.

How a Health and Wellness Program Can Help

I came to the realization after experiencing fatigue, that I needed to take care of myself and manage my body, mind and spirit. Along the way I realized that I was on to something and I wanted to be able to help others do the same.

Prior to earning my BSN, I was a health educator trained in health coaching. I had also been studying and practicing Reiki since 1999. I decided that I would combine my nursing expertise with a health and wellness coaching certification and continue my Reiki path as a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

It’s through this unique background that I provide holistic wellness solutions so that nurses – and other busy professional women – can manage their energy and their stress.

I always remind women that self-care is not selfish. It is necessary.

Source: Medscape Medical News © 2017: Nurses Love What They Do but Battle Fatigue, Survey Shows – Medscape – May 09, 2017.

Photo credit: catheroo (cat edens) via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

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