Are you struggling to reach your health and wellness goals? The good news is that you can create your daily success through developing new habits.

Habits are created by repetition (you get up in the morning and you brush your teeth). And luckily, new habits can be created consciously – to help us successfully achieve our goals.

So, to create your own daily success habits, answer the questions below – and remember, the responses will be unique to you.

5 Coaching Questions to Help You Create Your Own Daily Success Habits:

  1. Where do I sabotage myself on a daily basis? What keeps getting in my way (For example, time, self-doubt, lack of planning, etc.)? What could I do differently?
  2. What would nourish my physical body and my health? (For example, self-care activities, a yoga or meditation practice, a daily walk, eating more fruits and vegetables, etc.).
  3. What do you need to have in place to be the best that you can be (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)?
  4. What do I already know I need to do, but am just not taking action?
  5. What is my motivation? (Why is it important for me to lose weight, avoid medications, eat better, relax more, etc.).

So, why not just pick one new habit to get started with? Thinking over your answers to the questions above, what ONE daily habit would make the MOST difference to your success? 

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Simply DECIDE you are going to implement this new habit. Decide you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. it’s your commitment that will make the difference here.

Here’s an example. I wanted to be more environmentally responsible. I made a decision to use my own reusable shopping bags. For a while I kept buying more and more reusable shopping bags at the supermarket, as I kept forgetting to bring them with me. Eventually I thought – I’ll leave them in the car. So I did. I’ve now reached a point where I always have bags in my car. Done often enough – with a little trial and error –  habits are formed!

The most important factor in creating a habit is repetition. Being clear on the benefit of the habit helps, and understanding your motivation- but it’s mainly just practice and repetition. A habit starts with an action, and over time as the action is repeated, it becomes a habit. On the days you slip up, be kind to yourself. It’s normal. Simply commit to getting back on track. Commit to it, commit to yourself – and stay with it. You WILL get there!

“Everything is habit forming, so make sure what you do is what you want to be doing.” Wilt Chamberlain

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