The New Year is a time when we take stock of what we have experienced over the past year and what we hope to welcome in. It’s a time when we reflect on our goals for the year ahead.

But change is hard. It requires a real commitment, planning, and follow-through.

Setting an intention to get the life you deserve –

One of the best ways to begin our new year, or even one new day, is by setting a clear intention. By taking time to do this very simple act, we can start to reprogram our entire lives with a positive outlook.

What is it that you want to focus on changing???

Maybe you want to lose weight, have less stress, or be more loving.

When we decide to set an intention for our lives, it is best to do so in a positive, present and affirmative manner.


The next step is to develop an affirmation to help realize that intention. Affirmations are clear, positive statements, in the present tense, that encapsulate what you want to create.

Choose a time in the morning and set your intention for the day. Make a habit of this, write your intention down, say it out loud and put it where you can see it daily. Engage all of your senses.

Here are a few examples.

Healthy body: Imagine what that better relationship with your weight would feel and look like. How would you see yourself? How would others see you? What would you be doing that you aren’t doing at your current weight?

Healthy mind: Imagine what it would be like if you acted instead of reacted? How would that feel for you? What would that look like? How would your life improve if you were more calm and centered?

Writing an Affirmation

If you eat too much sugar “I won’t eat sugar” becomes instead, “I nourish my body with healthy foods.”

If you want to lose weight, instead of telling yourself, “I want to lose 10 pounds,” think about what losing that weight will give you. Your intention might be “I have a healthier relationship with my weight.”

If you want to have less stress, affirm “My life is full of ease.”

I’d love to hear from you!! What are your intentions for 2018? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Janine Gilarde is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Reiki Teacher, and Registered Nurse. She takes a holistic approach to wellness; Reiki and healthy lifestyle changes contributed to her ability to manage her own health and weight issues and she is on a mission to help others do the same.

Coaching for Healthy Living- helping to transform people’s lives by focusing on the whole person for health and healing.

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