Uncover what’s really keeping you stuck

Janine Gilarde, Holistic RN

Himage011 copyello and Welcome! I’m Janine Gilarde, a Boston based Holistic Registered Nurse. I draw on my broad background in nutrition, preventive health, health and lifestyle coaching and Reiki to embrace a unique vision and healing approach – it’s an approach that helps individuals to make better choices for staying healthy. My programs entail easy to use motivational tools and strategies for ongoing accountability, leading to transformation of body, mind and spirit.


I struggled with my own health issues- chronic fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues and weight gain. I made countless visits to the doctor’s office; no one knew what the real issue was, so I was left feeling depressed and defeated. It wasn’t until I found a holistic practitioner who started me on an elimination diet that I began to rebound from my health issues. My lifelong digestive woes and low energy diminished.  After so many years of doctor appointments, why had no one ever suggested that the foods that I was eating were leading to my health issues? 

That was the beginning of my healing journey. And now I am determined to be a source of healing to those ready to feel vibrantly healthy in body, mind and spirit.

As clients work through challenges, I help them discover root causes, ultimately guiding them to listen to their bodies and shift their mindset through identifying negative and destructive patterns in order to create positive changes. I help clients who deal with chronic health conditions thrive in living their lives with more energy, confidence, purpose, and inner peace. It help transforms clients from individuals who suffer and feel hopeless into women who become inspired to manage their own health.

Why a holistic approach?

Using a holistic approach allowed me to address all aspects of my life that were ultimately affecting my health — Things like food, stress, work/life balance, exercise and sleep. In order to be truly healthy, all aspects of my life needed to be addressed.

This is the same holistic approach I use in my practice; the focus is on the integration of whole food nutrition and practical lifestyle management techniques to help my clients achieve balance.

Holistic solutions treat the entire person, allowing you to get to the root cause of your issues.

My goal is to help you feel and look better by working with you to uncover the aspects of your lifestyle that are contributing to excess weight and poor health. I help you stay accountable and offer expert guidance so that you can successfully manage those “things” –  like time, daily habits, self-sabotaging thoughts, energy, and self confidence – that keep getting in the way of living a vibrant life.


Regardless of how long you’ve been dealing with your health issues or your excess weight – or how hopeless you think it is, I can guarantee you there’s always something that can be done. I can help you transition to a healthier lifestyle in a sane and sustainable way.

To find out how you can benefit from working with me, please complete the form below for your 30 minute complimentary consultation.