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Before working with Janine, I felt like my lack of energy was controlling my life instead of me controlling it. I think the most powerful result from my time working with Janine is that I now truly believe the saying “you are what you eat.” I have seen first hand that eating better can do things like reduce my need for naps, eliminate the after lunch slump, and shrink my sugar cravings! Since working with Janine, I recognize the importance of being conscious about what I put in my mouth. I realize it’s more than just sustenance — it can affect my mood and energy, and therefore the quality of my everyday life. She holds you accountable and asks important questions. I completely recommend her sessions!

Guy Contaldi

Realtor, Ziprealty

I have to admit, I was skeptical of Reiki, having never even heard of it before! Janine’s treatments have made me a believer. If you are in need of deep relaxation, I can’t recommend her enough.

Stacey M.

I have been battling with weight and eating issues my whole life. I contacted Janine after I tried virtually every weight loss group or diet trend – including counseling and consulting with a nutritionist. Initially I was not sure whether talking to someone over the phone would be able to give me the support I needed, but I decided to make the commitment.

Now months later, I have to say that working with Janine has been the most effective means of dealing with my eating and weight issues. Her approach has helped me re-learn forgiveness and free myself from the trap of “perfectionism”. She has helped me be forgiving of my set backs and she has also helped me embrace my wins. She helps me set goals, identify triggers and strategize to create success. Her support has allowed me to make small changes that have had a major impact. My goal hasn’t been to “lose weight”, but rather to be released from the grips of my compulsive and/or obsessive eating and to start integrating better food choices.

It has been a slow process, but I am making positive steps and even losing weight. Janine mirrored for me the forgiveness that I needed to give to myself through my many starts and stops on my journey. It wasn’t a magic bullet solution – but that wasn’t what I was looking for. It has been more of a gradual awaking of self awareness, self care and self acceptance. I would highly recommend Janine to anyone.

Lauren B.

Business owner

Janine knows her stuff and can help you manage yours! I’d lost and kept weight off before, and as a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I easily managed my day to day stress. But the stress became more difficult to manage after a serious accident, and I found myself gaining weight I just couldn’t shed. At Reiki events, I’d met and instantly liked Janine; she is smart, funny, and easy to talk to. Reading her bio and eBook “The Diet AlteRNative” inspired me to schedule my first-ever coaching session. 4 weeks and 5 lbs later, I’m so glad I did! She reminded me of things I knew but just wasn’t practicing. Janine’s “non-diet, real life, mind-body” approach to weight loss and wellness, her support and the accountability of setting weekly goals helped me turn around my half-hearted efforts.  Janine is supportive, non-judgmental, and great at listening and offering practical suggestions. Whether you’ve lost weight before or not, need information or reminders, prefer guiding to pushing, I highly recommend Janine’s coaching services.

Carol Ryan

Reiki practitioner, Open heart wellness

Janine was instrumental in getting me back on track with my health and wellness goals after an injury that derailed me. She is extremely knowledgeable and had wonderful strategies to help me. Janine supported me without judgement. Her 28 Day Jumpstart program was just what I needed to get back on the road to a more balanced lifestyle.

Stephanie C.

The best thing about working with you is that I stayed focused. I became more mindful of my eating patterns and the emotions that are associated with eating. You taught me a breathing exercise that I use to relax and get focused in the moment. Now I am on my way to eating healthier, being more relaxed and mindful and being a good role model for my family and my clients.

MaryBeth W.

Wellness Coach, http://coach.wellcoach.com/marybeth-whitcomb/

Of all the treatments I receive, Reiki is by far my favorite! I love that it is gentle- and with a Reiki treatment, I get to unwind, de-stress, relax and clear my mind. Janine’s treatments are so peaceful — I end up dozing off and going into another world!

Terry L.

Working with Janine has been life changing for me. I always felt like I knew a lot about nutrition and tried my best to eat healthy, but I always had major sugar cravings. Janine helped me discover what was missing in my diet, and once I made some small changes, I was able to eliminate my sugar cravings completely. That has lead to me losing weight, having more energy and feeling like I have more control over my diet. Working with Janine has been hugely helpful and I would highly recommend her to others.

Krista V.

Janine’s 28 Day Jumpstart program worked for me! Focusing on one thing daily versus lots of things helped me stay focused, motivated and moving forward. I learned something new to try every day, which was great…and I lost 6 pounds!

Lucy Seligman


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